Special Products and services from Fairman.

We can handle allsorts of: special repair, redesign, reconstruction, calibration, improving
of hard to get, high end studio equipment.
No problem is too small or too big. Please ask before you give up.
We plan to add a little list of projects here soon:

NEW STEREO AMPLIFIER OWN DESIGN, 4 x KT88 based high end tube amp
15 years of thinking and design ideas, 1 year prototype designs,
Release date start 2016 More info

Tannoy D15 X over MG Monitor Gold Modification
The basic design background for the new D15 X-over is to involve high quality and well sounding components with very low energy loss values,
and merging the filters with the “Monitor Gold” switch facility for external controlling the Horn-Energy level and the Roll-Off frequency.
Some of the component values are modified for lowering the X-over frequency to 1 KHz.

The first step was to empty the entire speaker cabinet and cleaning out all the nasty rock wool dust.
Next is the new internal damping. I’ve used synthetic fiber wool in several layers to an uncompressed thickness of up to 8-10 cm.
Seemingly it looked a bit overdone, but all this material compressed massive together would not reduce the internal volume of the cabinet with more than about 2 liter out of 200.
Having this in mind, the cabinet’s internal volume is calculated and tuned for the resonance frequency of the bass speaker in conjunction with the two resonance tubes shape and size.

I’ve removed the entire original X-over for having left just the back panel with the four speaker terminals. The new High/Mid X-over is build over “two floors” of plywood.
The first floor contains the custom made auto transformer for the Horn-Energy level and a resistor damped serial L/C for the “Roll-Off” control.
The second floor contains the capacitors and resistors for the horn filter part. I’ve chosen capacitors and coils from Mundorf.

The capacitor for the Mid/High filter input is type “Supreme Silver/Gold” while the others are type “Supreme Silver/Oil”
The components for the bass speaker filter are placed on a separate smaller plywood base.
The massive serial coil is wounded with a solid double layer copper foil instead of the most common round copper wire.
The capacitors used are of type M-Cap MKP.

The area for the tree terminals for the horn level setting is now used for the two switches controlling the horn “Energy-Level” and “Roll-Off” frequency.
These heavy duty switches with silver plated contacts are able to handle very high AC current peaks, again with very low loss values in mind.

DOLBY A-360 / CAT22 “Dolby Trick”
Dolby A360 – Push bottom “NR in-out” and “REC” activated (depressed).
CAT22 module function switch “LOW-BAND” and “LOW-MID-BAND”

Position “NORMAL” All four frequency band are increasing compressing with increasing frequency.
The Compression Ratio increases at lower levels.
Position “CENTER” The LOW-BAND / LOW-MID-BAND compression is deactivated.
Position “EXCITER” The Band increasing frequency circuitry is activated without any compression.

DBX 786 mic pre.
Full redesign of front side amplifier module, not just a repair or replacement,
but also improved high end audio performance by lowering noise floor.

E-mu Emulator II.
A rare classic hard to get synth, case was a total loss, broken due to elevator transport fault,

Full mecanical rebuild into neat 19" rack, front plate redesign,

back plate and connectors redesign. New case custom made and special powdercoat same color and finish as the original.

Tube Lab 25Watt triode output amplifier mono blocks, and Tube Preamp
100% own designs and own productions. Article about this project was featured in Danish hifi magazine "highfidelity" in 1991, number 2, page 9-13
Download article: 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - brevkassen

On the Fairman pages you will find stuff like this : Tube compressor tube equalizer tube recording channel tube microphone pre amplifier mastering studio valve fairchild pultech fairman Tube compressor tube equalizer recording channel microphone pre amplifier mastering studio sound valve fairchild pultech handcrafted in Denmark DBX 786 mic-pre. Preamp. microphone preamplifier. Replacement set. M8 mic-pre-module. Fairman reissue replacement set DBX M8 high-precision- ultra low-noise. KT88 Tube Stereo Amplifier Professional High-end Tube Monitor Studio mastering passive Monitor medium and near-field Yamaha NS10 all tube high-precision analog audio music high-fidelity enthusiast naturgetreu röhren vacuum tube valves with for active sub-woofer output recording output gold platinum grade transformer balanced XLR input and phono RCA chinch input Elma 04 series gold plated Dc-coupled signal path with four 4 Mundorf Silver-Gold output capacitors Ultra high-end high-energy power supply