The new T M A - Tube Microphone Amplifier.


The TMA design philosophy
The TMA features an all triode full internal symmetric balanced tube amplifier.
Each channel signal path consists of two identical amplifier circuits,
working together in a push pull configuration. The two amplifiers are in reversed phase,
i.e. when one side is pushing, the other side is pulling.
This circuit design has the outstanding advantage of out phasing distortion and non linearity.
The remaining audio signal product therefore is essentially the sound of the tubes them self.
This working principal also significant extends the amplifier headroom,
a very important feature when handling hi dynamic material such as vocals.

The TMA “Analogizer”
The TMA can with great advantages also be used in Digital Audio Workstations.
At minimum gain the TMA accepts +10dB line programme material.
This allows using the TMA as a warm-up tool for making digital sounding material more analogue sounding.

The Function Controls
Load, Pre Gain and Gain are Elma 04 gold switches.

The Load control adjusts the input circuitry impedance. The load range is 200 Ohm to 2.5 kOhm.
The optimized setting can be found by respect to the microphone specification or by ear

The Pre Gain control is actually the input attenuator with a range of 46 dB.
In position 0dB the input is attenuated with 40dB and the position 40dB is zero dB attenuation.
The term Pre Gain instead of Attenuator is used to simplify understanding of the over all gain structure.

The Gain control allows gain setting from 0 to 18 dB in 1 dB step.
The gain control is physically placed between the pre amplifier and the output driver amplifier.
The Gain function can be used together with the Pre Gain function to set the amplifier drive.

The combination Pre Gain/Gain allows 1dB step gain setting for the entire gain range -6dB to +58dB.

The Phantom switch allows 48 volt microphone powering.
Also hi consumption mic types can be supplied.

The Phase switch allows correction and optimizing the relative source phase,
while the X-symbol is the reversed phase.

The Men/Woman Cap switch is selecting two different capacitor combinations in the audio signal path.
This facility offers either a more précis and high definite sound or the vintage glow of tube sound characteristics.

Although as normally expected, no Lo-Cut facility is incorporated into the TMA.
The TMA is designed as a “No nonsense” high linearity microphone preamplifier.
The absence of the Lo-Cut facility allows the highest phase linearity throughout the entire audio band,
and thereby especially also at the very lowest frequencies.


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